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What is Kids Teaching Kids?

Kids Teaching Kids is an educational model and program developed by environmentalists and educators, Aaron and Richard Wood. The program is based on a peer teaching model with teachers as facilitators. It provides students with the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning and empowering them to take action on an environmental issue.

The Kids Teaching Kids process promotes and provides authentic learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to learn about local environmental issues with a strong emphasis of understanding the science behind the issue. Students are then supported to develop workshops to teach their peers and local community members about the issue.

Students take on the role of teachers to raise awareness about their chosen environmental topic or issue. They have access to tools, resources and services available through the Kids Teaching Kids website to plan, prepare and deliver their workshop at local, regional and national Kids Teaching Kids Conferences.

A key element to the process is the opportunity for students to work with support staff from Kids Teaching Kids and local experts to develop the workshops. Silverton has been involved in Kids teaching Kids since 2008. We have attended as participants and have also delivered workshops on several occasions.

An important part of the Kids Teaching Kids model and program is to encourage and support schools to hold their own local Kids Teaching Kids Conferences. Schools invite other local schools to take part either as conference participants or as a workshop school.

Students are involved at all levels of planning and implementation of the event. They invite schools to participate, organise registration procedures, catering and invite special guest such as the local Member of Parliament to open the event. We have held Kids Teaching Kids Conferences at Silverton each year since 2010.

Over this period we have had 12 schools taking part, most of these schools have presented workshops.

We hope to expand the event each year by getting more schools involved. Kids Teaching Kids provide many resources to help in the planning and implementation of the event. These resources can be found on the Kids Teaching Kids website. www.kidsteachingkids.com.au