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All children have a right to an education that helps them grow and develop to their fullest. This type of curriculum reflects the whole child. Learning is about the academic but it is also about the social, emotional and cultural influences. It places a major emphasis on the maturity and development of each child which we now know occurs at an individual rate.

Every child is a unique and special individual and should be active participants in their own education and development. This means that they should be mentally involved and physically active in learning what they need to know and do.

Children’s ideas, preferences, learning styles, and interests are considered in the planning for and implementation of instructional practices here at Silverton.

Discovery Time is a major part of the junior school curriculum where it promotes creativity, imagination and provides opportunities for the children to learn through investigation. They explore the process, rather than always focusing on the end product. The teacher’s role, during Discovery time, is to assist, scaffold, extend and intervene to ensure the children are actively engaged and learning.

The children are given the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge as well as reflect on their learning and gain feedback from their peers.