Science and Sustainability Program at Silverton

Stephanie Alexander Garden Program.

This term in Science Grade Three and Four students have been learning about growing fruit and vegetables in our school vegetable garden. They are also using the produce from our garden whilst learning to cook.

So far students have made peach crumble, mini pizzas and apple muffins. They have learnt about seasonal and companion planting and researched the health benefits of the ingredients they used.

During the Start Up Program, students from Grade Five and Six made bruschetta and Grade One and Two students made mini pizzas using herbs from our garden.

Home Grown Produce Needed.

We are currently looking for home grown fruit or vegetables to supplement our cooking program at school. We have used most of our own school grown fruit and vegetables and are asking people in our school community to donate any surplus fruit or vegetables that they might have from their own vegetable gardens if they can’t use them.

Our tomatoes and zucchinis haven’t grown as well as expected so our cooking supplies are running low. If you know anyone who has an oversupply of zucchinis for example (or any other vegetable/ fruit), please ask them to get in contact with me and we will use them in our cooking program.

New Bin System

At Silverton we are currently trialling a new bin system. We have co- mingle recycling bins, soft plastic recycling bins, compost bins and landfill bins. Students from Grade One and Two have been learning about what goes in which bin and have done an excellent job putting the correct items into the correct bin.

Pond Renovation

For this term’s reality groups, a small group of students from Grade 3-6 have started renovating the pond area outside of Learning Centre Four. Students are planning to create an enclosure for the water dragons and turtle in this area. Whilst moving some rocks, Audrey our Environment Captain found a frog which had been hiding under a log in the last remaining damp spot in the pond. Students have made temporary pond for the frog whilst we complete the renovation.

Paving Reality Group

Another Reality group are working with Mr O Connor to prepare the paths in the vegetable garden for paving. They have worked really hard digging our all of the weeds, measuring the length and width of the paths to calculate the amount of sand, crushed rock and pavers needed to complete the project.

Working Bee

On Saturday 16th of March we will be having a working bee at Silverton. We will be weeding and preparing the vegetable garden for re planting, mulching and working on the chicken enclosure.

If you are able to spare a couple of hours between 9.00am -12.00pm please RSVP via the notices that will be sent out this week. Join us afterwards for a sausage sizzle.

Blue Banded Bee     

The Blue Banded Bee, one of the most beautiful species of our 1600 native bees have been spotted several times in our vegetable garden.

We also have seen many stunning blue flower wasp around our peach tree.  

The present of these insects are great signs that biodiversity in our school grounds is increasing.