GradeTwo Sleepover

On Thursday the 6th and Friday the 7th of December the Grade Two students were a part of a fun filled night and day for the annual Grade Two Sleepover! They arrived with a smile on their faces, excited and ready to participate in all the fun activities. Grade Two’s had a night full of activities before watching a movie with popcorn in the art room cinema! Rising early, some with more sleep than others, they enthusiastically participated in a range of activities throughout the day including; a disco, tent building and art activities. Congratulations to all of the Grade Two’s from the Grade 1 and 2 teachers. We are all really proud of you!


Below are some reflections about the Grade 2 Sleepover from two students:


Grade Two sleep over

By Amaar M

The Grade Two Sleepover was the best school day I have ever had! We got to have popcorn and we watched Garfield the movie. My favourite part was eating pizza for lunch because it tasted so nice and once we finished lunch we got to have garlic bread which tasted like the best garlic bread ever! I really enjoyed the disco we had for 2 hours. We danced the hokey pokey and did several other activities.

Grade two sleep over

By Levin R

I thought the grade 2 sleep over was the best too because we got to play elevens, the game called in out and on, celebrity heads and silent ball. My favourite part was sleeping because we kind of went to bed late and I also talked a bit but the teachers didn’t hear that much. Me and two friends got up the earliest and we got to go to the art room and watch bugs bunny. We also got to eat popcorn!