Chess Competition 6th September

On the 6th of September, 8 students from Silverton Primary school travelled to Kingsley Park Primary to participate in a Chess tournament. They competed against several schools from around the area. More than 60 students from different schools tried their best to outsmart their opponents.

Students received 1 point for a win, half a point for a draw and zero points for a loss. They each played 7 games of Chess. The results are as followed:

Do Hoang - 5 points
Oscar Flack - 5 points
Bunseam Kheang - 5 points
Cayden Chhit - 4 and a half points
Gianluca Vescio - 4 and a half points
Samantha Hunter - 4 points
Lucien Chung - 4 points
Joyce Meng - 3 and a half points

Due to the brilliant efforts of these 8 students, they achieved 3rd place as a school with Wooranna Park taking 1st and 2nd. This means that Silverton Primary was the 2nd best school that competed at the Chess tournament on the day! Please take some time to browse through the photos down below from the day.